lolitagateRisu Rose is a fashion designer and (indie) brand from the Netherlands, creating fashion/garments inspired by Japanese street fashion, mainly Lolita style. The name means ‘squirrel rose’, the squirrel stand for the cute part while the rose stands for the elegant part of the fashion. Risu Rose mainly focuses on sweet and cute designs.

Risu Rose sells clothing and items online and sometimes on events. Many of the garments are in limited edition, because it’s all made by one person, creating unique pieces that are made with attention and love ♥. The atelier is located in a private home. You are welcome to visit for fitting/buying, but only by appointment (see contact info).

– from 2017 on I will not be creating or selling new things anymore, see the blog – 

Risu Rose can also be found on Facebook.

Lolita Fashion

For the ones who aren’t yet familiar with it: Lolita is a street fashion style and subculture originally from Japan.
It is inspired by the Victorian (children’s) and Rococo clothing. The main look consists of a knee-length skirt or dress in a bell (or cupcake) shape plus a blouse and tights/socks under it. Details include frills, bows/ribbons, round-toe shoes, headdresses and much more. There are several substyles, such as sweet, classic and gothic lolita. Read more about it on this page.

The person behind Risu Rose

Hi, This is meHi! I’m Petra and together with my husband and two adorable ferrets I live in Groningen, a city the north of the Netherlands.
From my teenage years on I developed a long-lasting love for Japanese pop culture. Mainly the fantasy and cute tales from anime/manga inspired me draw and design my own world and imagination.  In 2011 I graduated from art academy with a bachelor in design and I’ve been working as an illustrator since, under the name PetPet, making art for books, games, cards and more.

I’ve always adored lolita fashion, the frills, bows and cute style and the detailed prints, but I only started wearing it later on. When I finally owned a sewing machine, I started making my own garments and as an illustrator also designed my own fabric prints. From there on I started dreaming about creating and designing fashion for other enthusiasts, and now I work hard to make this dream a reality!

More info about the webshop can be found here. Read the general terms & conditions here.