For the ones who missed it at Facebook: Risu Rose will stop the business.
It was a lot of fun to make and design dresses and accessories for selling, but it wasn’t profitable enough to continue and next to a new job as a teacher/coach and my illustration work, I really don’t have a lot of time left for it either.
Thanks for all the support through this short period of time anyway, it was awesome!

This means that the webshop will close on Saturday March 11, I will be selling the rest through my personal sales album and on Lacemarket.
Until that time you can get a 20% discount with the couponcode “winter17”.
And I won’t be gone on the web, I still have my personal blog here, so hope to see you there!

Lots of love,

New items & fashion show pics

Hi everyone!
We’re back from Wicked & Whimsy and had a blast there, lolita’s in London sure can party and there were lots of kind people to chat with. I’m very thankful that Risu Rose could be there and show new dresses during the fashion show. Thanks for buying or saying hi, it was a pleasure! Here are the models and the dresses they’ve worn:

Lucky Star Dreamland jumperskirt

Lucky Star Dreamland JSK

La Delicé jumperskirt

La Delicé JSK

Reine des Roses jumperskirt

Reine des Roses JSK

These dresses are now also up for sale, see them in the shop! They all will also be up for reservation, the first one is already available to pre-order.

Next to the dresses, you can also find brand new accessories: brooches and bracelets
bracelet Hedgehog IMG_1757

I hope you like ‘m, can’t wait to send them to new owners. Thanks for reading!

Risu Rose at Wicked & Whimsy + new designs coming

Sorry for the long silence here. Finally I can tell you what I’ve been working towards the last months: Risu Rose will be at Wicked & Whimsy, a big lolita event organized by The Tea Party Club, in London!

Next to being a vendor, you can see some brand new designs from Risu Rose during the fashion show ☆ so exciting!
This event is already so close, it’s next week, I’m really looking forward to meeting the visitors at Wicked & Whimsy, come say hi if you are there!

So, for those who follow Risu Rose on Facebook or Instagram , you have probably seen bits of the new print and design, Lucky Star Dreamland, (and some other things) already, but below are the photos again for those who didn’t see it.

IMG_1734 IMG_1646 IMG_1624 IMG_1616 IMG_1521 FullSizeRender

After the event, at the start of September, I will announce the coming reservation & launch dates for the items, so please wait a little more! Thanks for reading ♥

Beginners coord tips

Lolita fashion is not any kind of fashion and that’s why it can be a bit harder to make a complete good-looking outfit. Especially floordinatewhen you’re starting out it can be hard to combine specific items and colors. A whole outfit and styling is often called coordination, “coord” for short.

A simple way to start with a coord is to pick a neutral color blouse, such as a white one, because it matches with a lot of colors easily (especially pastels). And the other way around: black can look good under darker colors.

A tip is to choose 2 or 3 colors and stay with that in your coord. For example: if you choose a white blouse, it can look good to balance it out with white overknee socks, and under that wear shoes in the color of the dress. It’s balanced out like that.
To give it a bit more spice, you can choose a third color or an element, for example one that is in the fabric/print of the main piece. This especially works well with accesories. For example if you have pink bows on the dress, you might want to wear a ring with a pink ribbon.

In general you’re safe if you choose colors that appear on the fabric or print of the dress. Lots of brands also sell whole sets though, so you can buy a matching blouse, shoes and socks without having to think about a special coord.

Foto van een Angelic Pretty coord.

An Angelic Pretty coord.

Do mind that there are lots of different shades of certain colors. Don’t think that if you buy everything in black, pink or blue that it is the same shade, because these can differ a lot. You might want to watch out with white too, since there is white and off-white. Sometimes even the photos don’t represent it well, it might be hard.

If you don’t feel like dressing all up to see if a coord looks good, you could also think about just laying it on a (clean) floor or bed and see if everything matches the way you want it. Some people even use drawing/photo-software like Photoshop to cut and paste  a coord together, even before buying so you know exactly to get what you like.

Lots of lolita’s really love making different coordinations, since you can usually wear different sort of items or colors with one dress or skirt and that makes things less boring if you don’t have that much main-pieces or just want to try out new things.

Looking for inspiration? Then check out these websites for some pretty coords:


What is Lolita fashion + beginners tips

It seems like a good idea to start posting some useful articles. Starting at the beginning about the general information and some tips for beginners on how to start out.

Sweet, Classic and Gothic style.

What is Lolita fashion ?
Lolita fashion is a fashion style that originated from Japan in the ’80/’90.  It is inspired by Victorian, Rococo and Edwardian fashion and clothing and is a cute and elegant style. The main look consists of a poofy skirt or dress (with non-showing petticoat), a blouse, over-the-knee socks or tights and matching shoes and accessories.

There are several styles, the most well known styles are ‘sweet’ (cute girly look with pastels and sweet prints), ‘classic’ (as the name says: more focused on the Victorian look, more toned-down colors like ivory, beige, wine and brown and prints/patterns with roses and dainty designs and ‘gothic’ (dark colors).

The subculture is originally from Japan. It started out with people/fans of punk/rock bands who wanted to look different or the same as their beloved musicians/idols. Later it became more of a street fashion: people wear it out for a special day or for events.
Since the nineties, lolita fashion became also know internationally and nowadays there are a lot of international communities as well, though the clothes still usually come from Japan.

The reason why it’s called ‘Lolita’ is not really clear, but definitely has nothing to do with the well-known book. In contrast: Lolita is a ‘modest’ fashion: there is usually not a lot of bare skin and it is not focused on sexyness at all, but rather about a cute and fairytale look that girls wear for themselves. The Japanese probably thought Lolita sounded cute and that’s why it was used. People wearing the fashion are also called ‘Lolita’s’.

Fashion or Costume?
Lolita is a fashion: a style of clothing and NOT a costume. Some people might think it is a costume because of the shape and colors that you don’t see often in daily life. However, there are lots of lolita’s who just wear it casually and daily, because they feel good in the clothes and like it. A whole outfit is also know as a coordination, or co-ord.

Foto van een lolita picknick

The yearly lolita picnic

Lolita in the Netherlands
In the Netherlands, where Risu Rose is based, there are quite a lot of lolita’s for such a small country. Some lolita’s that started out in the ’90/’00’s are still wearing it and every year there are new people joining our community.
There is an online group on Facebook and meetings are being held everywhere in the country, such as tea-parties, fashion shows and swap-meets. There are also several designers who sell their own lolita clothing.
Still, you won’t see a lot of lolita’s in daily life. Because it is such an outstanding and ‘different’ fashion, not everyone wears it daily. Next to that, it just isn’t always practical either.

How to start wearing it
Most lolita’s start out with a basic look: a dress or skirt, petticoat, blouse, socks/tights, shoes and accessories. Within the fashion, it looks great if you match the colors and styles.

Dresses and skirts:
There are all sorts of dresses, however the main differences is the shape. There is the jumperskirt: a dress without sleeves. The One-piece, with sleeves. And of course the skirt. Because skirts are usually cheaper, they are great to start out with. But jumperskirts are being worn the most.

Een bel-vormige petticoat

A bell-shaped petticoat

A petticoat is a ‘must’ for the lolita look. It gives the dress its poofy look. Most dresses are bell-shaped, so a bell-shaped petticoat works best under it. However there are also A-line dresses, which would need an A-line petticoat.

Under a (jumper)skirt you would need a blouse. There are different blouses, for example one with a round, peter-pan collar and more classic blouses with standing collars. There are also shirts: cutsews, for a more casual look.

Socks & Tights:
Under a dress, you would normally wear socks or tights. Most socks are over the knee (OTK). They come on all kinds of colors and patterns, you it is beautiful if you look for a pair that matches with your dress, blouse and shoes. However, for starters it might be

Een voorbeeld van sweet en classic schoenen

Examples of sweet and classic shoes

wise to buy a plain pair, so you can match it with multiple future outfits.

A collection of OTK’s: over the knee socks

Even the shoes can be matching with the style, there are shoes with bows, lace-patterns, platforms and more. For sweet, a mary-jane style shoe is often worn (sometimes with multiple crossed straps). For classic oxford-like shoes with heels work well, but of course you can also wear boots. The socks are also worn in the more open shoes though.

The finishing touches are in the details, so accessories make every outfit complete.
You will see a lot of lolita’s wearing something on their head or in their hair. Because of the poofy skirt, something on top of your head balances out the outfit. There are bows, bonnets, hats and headdresses, so you can choose what looks best.
Next to that you have things like cute bags, wrist cuffs and matching jewelry. Everything to complete the lolita look.

Wristcuffs en een bonnet

Wrist cuffs and a bonnet

Some lolita’s wear a wig. You will see a lot of them with a straight fringe. Not every natural hair style can be cut with a fringe, so a wig is an easy option to still have that in the look. Also: with a wig you can choose your preferred color and style. A note though: be cautious with wearing clashing or weird colors in a wig. Things like neon colors are not really seen in lolita style and are associated with a costume instead of normal clothing.

Where to buy?
Because Lolita fashion is from Japan, a lot of the clothes from the big brands are being imported. Some, like Angelic Pretty, Baby The Stars Shine Bright and Innocent World or the cheaper Bodyline do have online stores. but they aren’t always accessible for foreighers. You can ask a shopping service to help out with that, such as Tenshishop. But even then, the clothes come in limited quantities and thus aren’t that easy to buy. Brands will reveal what they will sell in magazines and during fashion shows. If you missed a release, there is still an option to buy something second hand on an auction website as Mbok and Yahoo.

An Angelic Pretty store in Tokyo

There are shops outside of Japan who sell brand clothes. For example:Innocent World is available via the Dutch Summer Tales Boutique, there is a  Baby The Stars Shine Bright store in Paris and the Swedish Lolita Butiken also sells brand pieces. Next to that, there are a lot of indie designers from all over the world.
A warning: there are also (illegal) replica’s being sold, online and at conventions. It might be cheaper, but the quality isn’t as good usually.

For beginners , the easiest way might be to buy second hand from an online sales community. Or if you live in the Netherlands, buy from local designers such as Risu Rose, Summer Tales Boutique or Christeline Lolita Fashion.

In mijn eerste origineel ontworpen outfit.

My first original outfit/print.

What does it cost?
Prices can differ, but to give you an estimate: A new brand-dress might cost about 25000 yen. Added to that are the import/customs costs, the shipping costs and the service costs. So in total one could pay 250-300 euro for (only) a dress. That is why for beginners it’s a good idea to not start out with a brand new dress, but to buy something second-hand or from indie designers. Even though even indie designers ask a fair price. But it’s not strange, seeing as sewing frills and bows and all the cute details is a lot of work, they don’t appear magically out of nowhere of course.

When you finally saved up and collected a whole outfit and wear it for the first time, you will be surprised how it looks and feels. Lolita fashion is a unique and special fashion style that is definitely worth trying out!


Currently the Risu Rose website is under construction. Come back soon!

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